So lemme see if I got this straight:

The people making policy that we should (now!) wear masks tell us that they will prevent infections from being passed from one person to another….
These are the people who told us that masks DON’T work, and actively discouraged the wearing of them in the early days of the “Covid-19 Pandemic”….Where they (IF they are effective) might have made a difference by preventing the early cases that led to other infections that led to other infections….

These are the experts that told us that hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine were unsafe drugs, dangerous to take, even though they have been in use safely in other applications in the US since 1955. Who discouraged the use of Remdesivir, even though it has been used as an antiviral drug since 2009 and is a well known drug which can be administered safely.

These are the folks who predicted 22 million deaths, in the US, then revised that downward…to 12M, then to 6,3M, then 2.6M, then 1.2M, then 600,000, then 420,000 ….when the real number is about 145,000…..Pretty big difference. (While no estimate is terribly accurate, being off by a factor of nearly one hundred is an “estimate” that is pretty bad).  And who predicted that hospitals would be overwhelmed as early as March 30….when they never even came close. Who told us we would need hundreds of thousands of additional ventilation assisting machines…when we didn’t even use the ones we had already….These are the folks who told us that the disease began in this country in February…when all evidence (even then!) showed that it was likely here in Novermber of 2019…..who decided that scanning people’s foreheads at airports with an infrared thermometer as they deplaned was an adequate screening in defense against travelers bringing the disease from other countries…no quarantine or other followup….

These are the folks that decided, apparently at random, that 6 feet/2 meters “Social Distancing” (with absolutely zero science or research or evidence that the chosen distance was effective, but simply picked a number) would prevent the transmission of disease (even though masks would not help) and with no regard to airflow or other environmental factors that would move the disease from one person to another….

These are the people who told us that we needed to shelter in place for 2 weeks to “Flatten the Curve”….that led to 90 days of “lockdown”…
Who then allowed the country to reopen, and were then surprised and unprepared when the rate of infection increased greatly once people began to interact again…effectively showing that the first 90 days of lockdown did nothing to stem or otherwise stop the infection, merely delay the increase for 90 days. We, under their advice, wasted the past 90 days….gaining nothing except the destruction of our economy and increased unemployment and economic ruin for a great many of our citizens.

These are the “experts” who told us we could not shop in small stores, but allowed larger retailers, like WalMart and Target and Home Depot to remain open….who told us we could not attend funerals or get our hair cut, could not attend Christian Church services (but allowed Mosques to remain open)…. Who told us that eating at a restaurant 6 feet from other patrons was dangerous, but allowed convenience stores to remain open so we could stand in line 6 feet apart to buy lottery and cigarettes, and allowed car dealerships to operate with absolutely no restrictions because they were “essential”. Who told us that bakeries and clothing stores and shoe stores were dangerous and should be closed, but liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries were “essential”.

These are the “experts” that now tell us that wearing cloth masks will greatly reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus in our population and threaten us with fines if we don’t wear them (where were they with this information and demands that we wear masks 90 days ago…would that have not prevented many secondary and tertiary infections in our population??)….but fail to make sure that people wear them properly, negating the usefulness of those masks when they are worn on the chin or the upper lip.

I’m thinking that these experts are either incompetent or have another agenda.

If you like Reynolds Wrap as a material for your chapeau, then one might think that the agenda is more important than our economy (or the economy IS the agenda) or that Social Conditioning is more important than public health…. and that actual Public Health is secondary…

I actually prefer my “experts” to show a bit more expertise before I listen to them….. 

5 thoughts on “So lemme see if I got this straight:

  1. Let's be fair. Based on new evidence, positions and policies can change. But if a position shifts from NO MASK IS OK / THERE IS NO CRISIS to MANDATORY MASKS / IT'S A CRISIS then inherent in that is the responsibility to outline the information that prompted the change.

    I hate it when someone immediately labels a politician a "flip-flopper" when they change a stance. Before that happens, shouldn't (sorry for the keyboard spew) "responsible journalists" ask questions like "You said X three weeks ago, now you say NOT X. What new information came to light that prompted the reversal?"

  2. Face it; they couldn't sink the captain, so they decided to sink the ship. After all; on the Left, the end justifies the means.

    Natural fact; "cloth face coverings" CAN'T be "worn properly." They DO NOT stop the virus. They DO NOT seal. But… the masks are an effective visual that "a crisis exists," and will most likely exist until at least Election Day, it's ultimate timeline contingent on who wins…

    Frankly, I believe this whole thing to be a crock of crap… The disease is real, just as so many other diseases have been real. The "crap" is the exploitation of it…

  3. we're the dog and we've been the tail of course, or you could say by the tale. its conditioning so we accept the vaccine and the i.d. that will be required to show compliance, that will be required to work, shop, play, live life. mark of the beast. i must go add a layer of foil to my headgear.

  4. I'm ignoring most of it, shopping in local places that don't require the BS…

  5. Just out of curiosity I read the Washington State Health Directors orders on this mask BS and something stood out to me. Actually it was the lack of something.
    He ordered that masks must be worn that cover the mouth and nose.
    Basically some sort of covering anyway.
    As a forty plus year mechanic who has seen plenty of filtration specifications over the years I wanted to see a specification. Any specification, on what the minimum level of filtration was required.
    There isn't one.
    We know that the N95 masks let the Covid virus through basically unimpeded as the virus has an average diameter of .125 Microns.
    This little omission right here tells the whole damn story. Put something over your face so that we know you are obeying our dictates.
    It's all for show and Feelz.
    Another point here is that if these mask orders are so effective, why do we constantly see increases in the DAILY positive test results and death counts?
    If their logic was sound the new cases should be dropping like a lead balloon.

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