Folks in Chicago would do well to remember 1(9)68

Back then, folks who rioted during demonstrations got the snot whacked out of them in that city. Lessons learned….don’t fuck with the police.

Today, those lessons are being learned again:

A large group of protesters at a rally to defund the police attempted to tear down the Columbus statue in the park. Fireworks were set off near the covered statue as hundreds gathered around. The rally took a violent turn with reports of some in the crowd fighting police.

A fair number of the crowd got bruises. I can’t feel sorry for them.

I think the cops showed a great deal of restraint.

This ain’t Portland.

And it would seem that the Media is a bit upset because their reporters embedded in the crowd did not get special treatment when told to “move Back” and were roughed up/ My heart bleeds.

Also, have you noticed that the Left is demonizing Christopher Columbus? AFAIK, he never set foot on the Continental US.

The only justification I see is that “5 Million slaves were transported from the Caribbean islands by 1700”. (Hint: the big trip by Columbus was 1492).   I doubt if Chis C. was responsible.

Related: It seems that the Left is all up in arms about the “defacing” of a number of Black Lives Matter murals and other painted statements on public property….’Twould seem to me that they don’t like it when the other side plays by their rules….

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