Car shopping update

So we found the exact same vehicle in a different color, for a few dollars more. Nearly the same miles, identical condition, better tires, and with the “Certified Chrysler Warranty”….basically an additional 5K miles on the factory warranty and the same 7/100K powertrain warranty.

No hidden fees, charges, taxes,add-ons or other irritating things.

Doc Fee

Out the door price.
No other fees

And Dad seems happy, so there is that.

10 thoughts on “Car shopping update

  1. You have to love it when that sort of thing happens. When the original stealership calls up to try and get you back in, be sure they get that story.

  2. I hate car dealerships. I have always had my best luck with CarMax but they're usually higher than purchasing from individuals or sometimes even dealerships

  3. It has been a wild and crazy ride. Job changes, weird travel, lots of silliness.

  4. It would not be out-of-line for you to identify the dealership that treated your dad with integrity.

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