Independence Day

The date on the “Declaration of Independence” is today. The day that a group of people declared themselves separate and no longer subservient to a King. In some respects, the day that a Nation was conceived.

One wonders what those men, some who truly gave up their “Lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” would think of the current events that are happening in our country today.

Personally, I think they’d weep at the crap that the Media is pushing and that the governments and corporations are kowtowing to.

Having said that, until the liberals and Free Shit Army totally fucks us all, this is still the best place in the world to live. A little less the best nearly every day, for sure every time another standard is worn away or a rule of society is discarded, but the US stood so far above every other country on this earth that despite 40+ years of ever increasing erosion of our society it is still better than anywhere else.

If it weren’t for the prosperity our Constitution allows even the “poor” and the productivity of most of our citizens, the ability to protest, to have the TIME to protest, the energy to protest would not exist for these childish people that want to change the society that gives them their luxury to protest without fear of death or incarceration. They would be working and struggling so hard simply to survive that they would have neither the time nor the energy to protest.

Our forefathers would have dealt with them in a harsher manner.

Happy Independence Day, everyone. Please remember why it is a holiday. Thank all those men who made the declaration of Independence go from a simple piece of paper to reality.
But above all, thank those men who had the courage to put their name to that document and defy the King of England.

No go and stay home under government orders to celebrate you independence from tyranny.