I tried this

(I saw someone else post about this a few weeks ago, and had to try it….)

Some clerks are just unable to think.

So there I was at the meat market.

Chicken legs on sale. I needed something to grill for Independence Day.

The young, mostly decorative, female clerk behind the counter asked if she could help me.

“yeah, are these chicken legs front legs or back legs?”

“I don’t know…But I’ll find out!” she said brightly

She went to ask an adult.

He looked at her if she was entirely stupid (which she apparently is) and then looked at me……I smiled. He laughed.  the said “he’s messing with you”, Chickens have wings in front”.

She wasn’t very happy once the light dawned.

I bought 4 lbs of drumsticks for the Independence Day weekend cookout. They cooked up nicely.

Thing is, she will likely be able to vote this November.

4 thoughts on “I tried this

  1. LOL. It's like the first time I took my father flying. As I was doing the pre-flight, I sent him over to the hangar to ask the A&P guys for some prop wash. He walked in and about ten seconds later I heard everyone start laughing. My father wasn't laughing when he came back. But I was.

  2. Hi "B,"
    As "Old NFO" said,"Sadly True!!"…
    and… Murph's Law's remark about sending Pop for some "PROP WASH!!!"
    Reminds me of the Late, Great Fred Blassie… and his Comedy Album… about the … "Pencil Neck Geek"…
    At one point Fred said,"These Geeks are a dime a dozen an' I'm lookin for the guy supplyin' the dimes!!!!!!!!"… They are "EVERY WHERE!!!"

    'Kinda get's ya' thinkin' about the "numbers!!!"…

    "It's that "Right to Vote" thing that really scare's me……
    Face it… for all practical purposes… it used to be as I learned in "School"… (Graduated High School Class of 1963) That to be able to VOTE One MUST BE A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA!!! Now compliments of the Commie's all ya' have to do is just just be alive!!…. OR DEAD for that matter!!!
    Norman Rockwell's ASmerica is now History relegated to a bunch of great Paintings soon to be burned by the Communists!!!.. Beter known in this country as the Democratic Party…..
    Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat,
    Got GUNZ……OUTLAW!!!,

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