So cases are climbing

Coronavirus cases, I mean.

So then, what exactly did the last three months do to help the “Pandemic”? Was the plan all along for us to fort up and never come out? To stay home and give up on our way of life until sometime next year (maybe) when a vaccine is (possibly) developed? To destroy our economy?

Remember, the original plan to “flatten the curve” was for just two weeks. Just to “Flatten the Curve”. That was what? 3 months ago? Did those three months really gain us anything? Doesn’t appear so.

The way I figure it, the Coronavirus episode will be over 12 hours after November 3, 2020….one way or another. 

One thought on “So cases are climbing

  1. They couldn't sink the captain, so they decided to sink the ship. "they" don't realize that when the ship sinks, so does First Class.

    I predict an inauguration day "miracle…"

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