Those brave men who were waiting in the dark as their ship drifted ever closer to the shores of Normandy.

Waiting for the time to start, to run ashore against a hail of bullets from a beached transport to find cover on a sandy beach.

Sitting there, waiting.

Hoping that the plan was good, and that they would survive the night.

On this day, most of western europe should get down on their knees and thank God for these men, for their countries are free thanks to them.

Remember those men, of the US, Britain, Canada who invaded on D-Day 76 years ago.  

2 thoughts on “Remember

  1. It's sad to think that the National World War II Memorial was among the landmarks in the nation's capital vandalized this weekend amid protests

  2. It is not sad,it is an outrage. And it should not be tolerated. But of course, if the president did any kind of thing that even looked like he was attempting to punish those who were responsible,it would be as if he himself had shot MLK and both Kennedy's .
    I was born in 1960, so I lived through some of the years of civil unrest, though not knowing a lot of what went on. But I remember enough to know that what is happening now is worse,much worse. Because the black movement doesn't have a MLK type of leader to control the people who are using the riots to loot and murder, and generally act like they should be, let's just say held accountable. I had much more harsh language, but I didn't want to be to graphic.
    At least with Dr.King, they had a man who preached nonviolence. And he was a big enough personality to be able to attract people over to his way of thinking, for the most part.
    It really is too bad that the Democrats don't remember it was them who fought against blacks rights. There was a movie a couple of years ago, about LBJ, and how he almost single handedly got the civil rights bill passed. Let's just say that is a bunch of what he shoveled on the cattle ranch that he claimed to own. At least he is a wonderful example of how a president can enter the White House poor, and emerge with more money than King Solomon.


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