Not that there is an agenda….:

Now, we see the media and the leftists (but I repeat myself) conflating the continued existence of “Confederate Monuments” with police brutality aimed (supposedly) at citizens of our nation with African ancestry,

Sure, that statue of a long dead man inspires then of thousands of white police officers to go out every day to make the lives of black me miserable…Yep, I believe that.

Does the statue also inspire the black men to break the law at a rate that is 4 x higher than any other racial group? Do the statues force them to fail to show up for court dates at a rate that is 7 times higher than the other demographic? Fail to graduate high school at a rate that is 5 times greater than their fellow citizens who have different ancestors? Enter adulthood with felonies at a rate that is 9.8 times greater than their fellow citizens who are lighter skinned (I include hispanics and middle easterners in the lighter skinned group)…?

It is amazing how those statues are such an enemy.

Or there could be something else in play and the media is just using the current unrest as a vehicle….