Odd, that

I got pulled over yesterday afternoon.
I rolled a stop sign: slowed, and since no one was at any of the other three points, touched the brakes but didn’t stop and kept going…… just like the car in front of me.

The cop three cars back saw it, and pulled me over. Fair. Reason to stop me.

I signaled to indicate that I was pulling over, and slowed down and rolled for about a quarter mile until there was a place where I could pull over (steep ditches along the right side of the road for a while). I turned the motor off and waited for him.

The Hispanic officer walked up to the car. I looked back out of the (already opened) window and greeted him……hands on the wheel so he knew I wasn’t gonna shoot him (hands empty). He greeted me and asked for my license and registration. Told me why he pulled me over. I acknowledged that it was a fair stop. I was polite. He was polite. I had to get the registration from the glovebox, told him what I was gonna do, and that I had a pistol on my hip. He was cool with all of the above and I retrieved the document without trouble and handed it to him.

He took my paperwork, went back to the car, and later returned.

Oddly, no one got shot, he didn’t feel the need to call another officer for help, didn’t pull me out of the car, arrest me, nor search the car because he smelled pot or anything else…..and at the end of it, we both went on our way.

Why? I acted decently…. politely. Acknowledged the fact that I had broken a law. Wasn’t rude. He too, was polite and professional. I had no warrants, no unpaid fines, nothing to make him have a reason to arrest or detain me any longer than to verify my license and registration and give me verbal warning.

How one acts CAN determine the outcome. We BOTH chose to make it a peaceful stop. Plus, I am square with the law, so no reason for him to go farther.

Was it ’cause I was white? I doubt it. I think that my behavior (and lack of criminality) determined the outcome.

4 thoughts on “Odd, that

  1. The Sheriff of Eaton county told me that he had never been talked out of issuing a ticket but he had certainly been talked into issuing one.

  2. Yep, no trouble because you didn't CAUSE trouble for him.

  3. I always keep the registration on the visor, so i dont ever open the glove box.

    I never volunteer info about what what, if any, firearm i have.

    The stop is ALWAYS adversarial. Even if the cop is a nice guy /gal.

    So i follow my rules.

    Never answer questions, never volunteer information, never give attitude.

  4. In some jurisdictions, North Carolina for example, concealed carriers have a "duty to notify" if armed. I do it either way, since your CCW is attached to your drivers license. As with B, I'm always polite and business-like. Never had an issue with an officer anywhere. I have been asked to secure it in my vehicle, and I've also been thanked for being an armed citizen.

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