Innit interesting?

One can get arrested for failing to Social Distance, for opening up an “unapproved” business (Say a Barbershop, when a Walmart would be OK)  or going to church….but letting a bunch of people gather in protest and fail to Social Distance (as well as minor crimes like Looting, Property Damage, Theft, Arson, and such) are more or less ignored.

But that is, of course, different. Because…?

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  1. It's different because SHUT UP. Though WP had a good answer too.

  2. OH, but deya bein' such faahn upstayendin cit'zins! Look! Deyall wayin' mayesks!

  3. 2,700 people have been arrested in Los Angeles, CA in the past several days. Approximately 1, 500 have been arrested in New York City in the past several days. Almost 400 have been arrested in Atlanta in the past four days. Nearly 500 arrested since last Friday in Minneapolis. Over 200 arrests made in Houston last night. That was about 30 seconds of Google searches. Do you need more?

    Come on back to reality folks.


  4. Revolving doors in NYC for criminals, but NOT for the Jews… Interesting!

  5. Chicago arrested very few….1599. Most "wont't be prosecuted".

    Most won't be prosecuted in NYC, no LA either.

    What use is the arrest?

    But those who violated the Social Distancing ARE being prosecuted….

  6. B,

    You said, "but letting a bunch of people gather in protest and fail to Social Distance (as well as minor crimes like Looting, Property Damage, Theft, Arson, and such) are more or less ignored."

    Last I heard, 21 states have called up their National Guard. Arrests are being made by the thousands. The protests are not being ignored.

    As for most not being prosecuted, you are entitled to your opinion, but that's all it is–an opinion.


  7. Touche! I retract my comment regarding prosecutions.

    I stand by my original comment: the authorities are not ignoring the protesters. To suggest they are is nonsense.


  8. Pete, In the main, PROTESTERS are being ignored as far as social distancing and masks.

    LOOTERS and ARSONISTS are being arrested for breaking the laws against stealing, vandalism, and destruction of property.

    You are conflating the two groups, which is what the media was doing as well. But a reporter looks like an ass when he is talking about peaceful protestors with a building on fire behind him.

    Regardless, few, if any of those arrested for looting and destruction of property will be prosecuted.

  9. Midwest Chick,

    B, in his original post, is the one who included "looting, property damage, theft, arson and such" with social distancing as crimes being "more or less ignored." I simply noted that the post, as written, is not true.

    If B hadn't included the phrase in parenthesis listing the other crimes, I probably don't post a comment.

    But he did.


  10. All of this discussion got me to digging.

    Turns out hardly anyone is being arrested, let alone prosecuted, for defiance of social distancing orders. From March 17 through May 4, only 40 people were arrested for social distancing violations in Brooklyn. From March 20 through May 21, 13 people were arrested for shelter in place violations in Chicago. I'm having trouble finding any other data on this issue.

    As for business owners, there's the salon owner in Dallas who got 7 days in jail and a $700 fine, that is until a bunch of heavy-hitter politicians got involved, including Gov. Abbott whose executive order was what the salon owner defied (that order originally called for up to 180 days of jail time for defiance, but he has since backed way off that thanks to this case). The Dallas salon owner only served 2 days in jail and received enough in donations to more than cover her fine. Her case led me to 2 Laredo, TX salon owners who were arrested and fined. I also found a bar owner in NYC who was arrested for defiance of the local social distance order as well as illegal sales of alcohol and illegal gambling.

    And while I found a number of preachers and pastors arrested for social distancing violations, I did not find one article anywhere citing church-goers being arrested. There was a church in Mississippi that had attendees fined $500, but the mayor rescinded the fine several days later after pressure from the state and federal justice departments. The pastor of a mega-church in Tampa actually had his charges dropped three weeks ago.

    Help me out, B. Why can't I find hardly anything that supports your original post?


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