“Racist America”

I keep seeing the Media give airtime to black preachers (and other spokespeople of dubious credentials) claiming the entire United States of America, (except black people, of course) is racist.

Yep, all of us are. You can tell. All those white people that are marching (but, oddly, not looting black businesses or breaking windows, or setting fires to black neighborhoods or general mayhem) that outnumber those poor downtrodden black people in the peaceful marches.

That country that is so racist that they (*the whites mostly) have paid Billions and Billions of dollars every year…used to help the black community….essentially feeding them, housing them, educating them. The country that was so worried about past sins that they forced large companies in the ’70’s through the early 2000’s to hire a greater percentage of black people than the local community had per capita….to the point where those companies hired black people that were incompetent in the field (and those same companies tried to teach them how to DO the job competently) to the detriment of well qualified whites and asians.
The country that hires an overwhelmingly large number ( almost 2 times the per capita percentage) of black people for Government jobs….gives preference to them, in fact, and won’t fire them, no matter how unproductive they are….Mostly because they are “black”, and therefore a protected segment of society.
The “Racist” government that gives special consideration and advantages to black businesses for construction projects, supplies for offices, other contracting positions….to the detriment of white owned businesses that can do the job for a lower cost…..”Set asides” for that special, protected class, based on race.

The country that gives a great number of scholarships (paid for by mostly WHITE people) to nearly any black kids that can read, write, has a high school diploma  and can bother to show up (even though black kids fall out of college at a 3 times higher rate than Whites or Asians or Hispanics….).

Yeah, we are all racist (except black people, of course). Racist ’cause we expect people to follow the laws. Expect them to pay fines and show up for court when they don’t. Expect them to not do criminal acts. Expects them to follow the rules in the society in which they live…the rules of the society that pays for their kids housing, education, food, and medical care when they are “poor”…Often “Poor” because of a series of bad decisions those same black people make over and over and over.
And when they choose not to, our “racist” society then has police arrest, and prosecutors prosecute, them for failing to abide by the rules of society. When they fail to go quietly, and have to be forced to submit to those officers so they can have their day in court, we are then “Bad People” for expecting them to behave…..And forcing them when they won’t.

Yeah, that “Racist America”.

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