Odd discrepancy:

Chicago bans all “large outdoor gatherings” like Taste of Chicago and the Air and Water show, claiming Public Health issues related to Covid-19. (which, statistically, is not that terribly contagious),

Yet, oddly, Mayor Lightfoot and many other city leaders encouraged the Black Lives Matter George Floyd protest crowds. Which put just as many people in just as close (if not closer) proximity to strangers as the crowds at Taste of Chicago, and certainly closer than the crowd at the Air and Water Show.

It is almost as if these leftist Democrat mayors and governors are trying to damage the municipalities and states they are supposed to be leading.

Coincidentally (or not) the economic damage leads well into the below referenced “Rules for Radicals” strategy that many leftists like Mayor Lightfoot and Governor Pritzker and may others were steeped in during their college years.

If you like tinfoil as a material for a chapeau, then you might think that there is something to their mishandling of the “Covid Crisis” during “these Uncertain Times”….and that the results they are getting are no accident. 

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  1. I don't think ANYONE who hasn't been reprogrammed by CNN has missed any of this…

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