So…a question for the BlackLivesMatter people:

So far this year, the death toll is nearly 200 black people killed.
In Chicago. That’s just in the City of Chicago.
94 percent by other black people.

Similar results in every large city.  Black people killed in job lots by other black people. (202 is not a aberration, every year is similar in most large cities)

If “Black Lives Matter” so much, then…..why are black people killing each other? At a rate that is nearly 20-1 over other people (including cops) of all other races combined?

Odd, innit, that they are all upset about the 6% of black people killed by races other than African, but they completely ignore the rest….Nearly 94%….. that are killed by BLACK PEOPLE.

Where are the marches, the vandalism, the LOOTING in protest for those folks…the ones that are killed by other black people?

Seriously, isn’t it a bit disingenuous to protest the very small percentage of people killed by police, and other races and TOTALLY ignore the fact that most deaths of black people are at the hands of  other people with more melanin than the average Amish dude?

Address that, and then maybe you can get my attention for the rest of your message.

6 thoughts on “So…a question for the BlackLivesMatter people:

  1. black liars matter are my sworn enemies, as are comminsts, and the MSM.
    C'man civil war.

  2. The only black lives that matter are the ones where they can bend the death to furthering their agenda.

  3. Never mind the fact that blacks in Africa were rounding up other blacks in Africa to sell to the slave traders. It was a twofer for them; they made money, and they got rid of the tribes they didn't like… Say; isn't that genoci… never mind…

    Never mind that one of the very first slave owners in The New World… was black…

  4. There are activists in black neighborhoods working to fight the crime you mention. They certainly don't get the traction of the current protests. I've seen a number of documentaries detailing their efforts, but you don't see or read much of anything on TV or in the papers.

    Even with the crime data you cite, B, the vast majority of black people are law-abiding citizens who want the same things as everyone else–a place live, a job, the chance to raise a family, etc.


  5. Peteforester,

    People (of all colors) have been treating other people (of all colors) badly all the way back to Cain clocking Abel in the head with a rock.

    Doesn't make any of it right.


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