I’m glad someone stepped up

But you gotta ask yourself:

Who paid for all the expenses at the funeral for Mr. Floyd?

A REALLY nice casket.

An extremely large church.

New (and oddly matching) clothing for a whole bunch of the folks attending…

And all those families (who also had men who died while being subdued before arrest by the police) were able to find the money and the time to fly in from all parts of the country to attend the funeral of a man they had never met.

All the rest of those trappings for the funeral? The horse drawn coach for the trip to the final gravesite?

And, of course, Rev. Al Sharpton doesn’t generally work for free.

Not counting Rev. Al, I would be that the cost exceeded $125K

You gotta ask yourself where the cash for all of that came from.

Someone paid for the “theater”.

2 thoughts on “I’m glad someone stepped up

  1. they got 14 million on GoFundMe. gonna be a p a r t y!

  2. Rearrange these letters into a well-known word or saying – Oorss and you'll be close to the truth. That man is is so protected you can't even use his name in a comment in the Daily Mail – the comment gets 'moderated' and you get a notice about 'due to a large number of complaints…'.

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