Can’t see the downside

For the US, at least, of Trump defunding the US contribution to the World Health Organization.

Sadly, like the United Nations, they have become so political, so trend-following, that they have become effectively useless, at least on a macro scale. LInstitutions run by liberals and politicians generally go down that path, and the current WHO is a perfect example. The organization has fallen so far from where is was 50 years ago.

I am sure there is a downside for the US, I just can’t see it. 

3 thoughts on “Can’t see the downside

  1. Yep, they've toed the Chinese line. Time to pay the piper for that…

  2. I heard Biden sent a check to Roger Daltry after he heard Trump defunded the WHO…

  3. Let Bill and Melinda carry carry the water and swallow the load from xing ping. They like it.

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