People are beginning to realize that the Coronavirus crisis is, essentially, overblown.

Yes, it is a serious disease for some.
Yes, it kills people
They realize that.

They also realize that it isn’t the deadly pandemic that will kill one in 20 people as promised.
It isn’t spreading like wildfire.
The Hospitals are not overwhelmed.


Despite the claims of running out of equipment, masks, and gowns, the hospitals are still equipped.
Despite they media hype, this isn’t worth destroying our economy.

And they are getting restless because, while they were willing to wait and see, they are realizing that it isn’t as forecast.
And they won’t stay home forever.

They also realize that everywhere isn’t like NYC. And that outside of dense urban enclaves, the rate of infection and death just isn’t there as forecast….even the rtes in large cities are not anywhere near the forecast. 
And that cities really, despite they hype, are not deathtrap hellholes.

And we are beginning to see the social manipulation taking place in the Media. And while we can be manipulated, it can only last for so long. After a wile, they begin to smell the bullshit for what it is.

Bet on it, the protest in Lansing and other places are just the beginning. May first–May 15th. People will say “enough”. Demand that things change. Take the chance to go back to work and to be productive and live their lives.

May 15th at the outside.
Bet on it.

3 thoughts on “Protests

  1. What I've noticed, as you've written about in the past, is both the medical community and especially local panicked politicians telling us "the next TWO WEEKS will be CRITICAL!!!!!"

    Those two weeks pass by, and we hear the same thing. This has been going on for about 6(?) weeks now.

  2. I live in Michigan, and I was told today that there is another protest planned for April 30, the day that the quarantine order is set to expire. If the governor doesn't let it expire, I am betting there will be hell to pay. With the price of oil so low, I wonder how much tar is going for?


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