Running out

So the story is that health care facilities are “running out” of masks…(And other PPE and they have been for weeks)

Yet the media always seems to have some.

While urging the rest of us to donate any we have to the health care systems.
But the media (TV, especially) seems to have  a large supply of masks.
Odd, innit?

They are keeping theirs while urging us to donate to the health care system that has been “in imminent danger of running out” for over 30 days.

I am beginning to wonder if this is like some of the “shared sacrifice” manipulation that the Federal Government did during WWII to keep up support for the war among the civilian population….

Either way, again, something doesn’t make sense, both the mask issue and the rest of the panic. 

2 thoughts on “Running out

  1. I noticed that about our local TV reporters. They would be standing along empty streets giving clips about one thing or another while wearing face masks. What the hell is the point? No one around but the cameraman who is standing off at a distance filming. What a waste of PPE……………..

  2. I'm going out with my shemagh, saves on the masks… 🙂

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