Women want security

Mike Bloomberg sure is playing up the Women and Children get free healthcare! meme in his election ads lately….especially on YouTube and morning shows and, of course, “Soap Operas”.

I guess he and his staff feel that promising free healthcare “for the children” will work like it did in the ObamaCare days.
Plus his ads show a bunch of women at near term, and tells us all that “women deserve healthcare before, during and especially after giving birth”.
I mean, what woman doesn’t want all of the above??

So, again, everyone else gets to pay for their choices to get pregnant…..we gotta take care of them BEFORE as well as their kids for the the years after they give birth.

The ads are well done, and designed to appeal to women’s emotions. And they will likely work for many women….Will the ads work well enough that they can sway the women’s vote enough to put him over the top? He apparently thinks women are gullible enough that they will work. Sadly, he might be right.

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