Mikey can set the example right now…..

So Mike Bloomberg wants to totally get rid of fossil fuel vehicles by 2035.

Great idea….if, of course, they had the range and refueling/recharging times that were comparable to gasoline vehicle….and if the charging infrastructure were available…and if they weren’t so expensive….and if they had the payload that fossil fuel vehicles did..

But if he thinks we need to change to all electric or other non fossil fuel vehicles (which BTW are recharged from generating stations where the generators are turned by steam generated by mostly …fossil fuels!) I encourage him to start setting the example. Feel free, Mr Bloomberg, to show the rest of us the way…..Start using fully electric vehicles for your transportation needs during your campaign and the rest of your daily travels. I wanna see how well that works out for ya. Plus how are ya gonna do air travel if you aren’t gonna use those nasty fossil fuels? Trains? Yeah, some are electric….but, again, that electric comes (mostly) from fossil fuels.

Or is this a case of “for thee, but not for me”?

Seriously. And he wants to make the change using YOUR tax dollars for some folks….the rest of us don’t get the freebies ’cause we are too successful? (and lets not forget that Mikey has lots of cash, but he ain’t spreading HIS cash around like he wants to spread your (increased) tax money around. 

2 thoughts on “Mikey can set the example right now…..

  1. I've yet to see one of these limousine liberals arrive… anywhere… in a stretch Prius.

    …Generators turned by fossil fuels… Never mind the fact that a lot of the generated power is LOST in transmission… as HEAT…

    Out here on the Left Coast, the Wailing Weirdos scream that we have to go RENEWABLLLLLE!!! So a couple of big wind farms are set up. Then the WW's start screaming "YOU'RE CLUBBING HAWKS WITH THE TURBINE BLADES!!!" So… a huge solar farm is planned for the Mojave… in the middle of nowhere… The WW's scream "YOU'RE KILLING DESERT TORTOISES!!!" Funny though; none of these loony Lefties want to shut off their lights, their latops, their TV's… Hell; the folks in Sicramento Actually want to BAN THE USE OF NATURAL GAS IN NEW HOUSES. This means that all heating of air and water, all cooking… needs to be done with …electricity…

    …And the wheels on the short bus go 'round and 'round…

  2. Pete beat me to it, and no more fireplaces either… Those are, or soon will be, outlawed in all new houses.

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