A thought:

The Governor of Virginia was elected in an election where only about 40% of the eligible citizens actually bothered vote.

And there was a great deal of high turnout in the DNC controlled areas…

So how many of the rest of the citizens in the rest of the state actually bothered to vote?

They let the DNC controlled areas (those where the election was, effectively, bought and sold) decide their new Governor and most of their new state Legislature.
And the results of electing those folks was predictable. They got a VERY Leftist set of folks governing their state.

Yet there were, according to some estimates, 25,000 people who showed up on Lobby Day…and those folks were most assuredly NOT represented in the new government of Virginia.
Figure that for every one person who was at the Lobby Day, there were 10 who couldn’t make it due to work or other obligations.
Call it a quarter million people that are most assuredly not in agreement with, nor represented by, the current government.

If each of those 250,000 folks would do their best to get 100 people to vote (participate in voter registrations, help people get to the polls, etc) they could get another 25,000,000  people to vote…except that there aren’t that many people in Virginia….. I’m not even sure by what margin the last election was won….and I do know that Fairfax county has over 1/8 of the population…. you won’t get all 250,000 of the folks to do as I suggest. But half of that quarter million gaining 10 additional votes each would be over 1.2 million….

But the only way that the rest of the state gets to be heard is for each of those folks who attended, and perhaps each of the ten that they represent DOES something to make sure that the rest of the 60% of their fellow votes vote…so that the Urban counties are offset by the Rural counties. If the DNC Machine can override the rest of the state, it will do so only if the rest of the state is too lethargic to bother to be heard. And that is what happened in the last election.

Again, if each of the folks who were at the Lobby day would MAKE SURE that they get like minded people to vote….and help them decide not to vote for the folks who don’t have the Rural folks needs, wants, and interests at heart, then they can change things…..if not, then they become like many other states..appendages of the large, populous cities that dominate their states….think Illinois (Chicago), or (largely) Michigan (Detroit) Kalifornia (LA) etc.
I can’t help these folks do this, I’m not from Virginia….But if those folks at the rally would commit to changing things come election day (by rallying their fellow citizens) then they can reverse this.
If not then they become another casualty in the Urban v Rural battle.

And we all lose another small bit of freedom. 

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  1. IIRC there were several democrats running unopposed…enough to swing the legislature. main reason no republicans were running in those districts??? no money from the RNC….because the national level gurus have given up on retaking virginia from the socialists.
    if virginia is going to return to the red state side, we are going to have to do it ourselves. the folks higher up the food chain have sold up out

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