Interesting timing


The State Government in Washington will soon be debating several gun bans control measures (for public safety, of course). Apparently, these have been proposed for several years, but despite a Democrat controlled legislature, these bans have failed several times….

And in a strange coincidence,  there was a mass shooting last night in Seattle. Odd circumstances, ’cause even in places like Chicago’s south side and Baltimore and such, these sort of shootings generally don’t happen in the early evening, but rather late at night….and people who are walking and talking together one moment aren’t shooting indiscriminately at each other a moment later….but that is what reportedly happened today in Seattle. (and, oddly, apparently neither could hit the other, but shot innocent bystanders instead).

As I said. Strange. But coincidences are like that….ya know? 

2 thoughts on “Interesting timing

  1. Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence and 3 times is enemy action. This is, what…number 583?

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