So Trump is accused of somehow gaining something by ” withholding military aid amounting to tens of millions of dollars”… to push the government of Ukraine to investigate corruption.
But Joe Biden, when he was VP, threatened to withhold a BILLION dollars to stop a prosecutor…get him fired, in fact…who was investigating his son… (And we have him confessing bragging about this on video)

I fail to see the difference, and if one is criminal, then so is the other… Why no charges then on Slow Joe? IF it isn’t a crime, then why bother with this impeachment?

Or am I somehow missing something?  If I am, then please, tell me…explain in detail. (No, the answer isn’t Because Trump!!!!) be logical. I’m open to an explanation. 

One thought on “Conundrum:

  1. Even better, the aid was not actually withheld by Trump and apparently there was no quid pro quo nor any investigation started by the Ukranians.

    The whole impeachment is a base sham without any real factual basis and just battle space preparation to weaken Trump and fire up the Dem base for the 2020 election.

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