Goddamnit! For the second year in a row it failed to post

Whynthefuck that happens every year, I dunno. I even pre-scheduled it last week.

Last year I let it go and didn’t post late. But not this year.

But I, once again, failed to pay homage to John Moses Browning, the inventor of my favorite handgun and arguably the father of the modern semi-automatic pistol. (and lots of other firearms families)

Nearly every semi auto pistol sold in this century is a derivation of one or more parts of the design that JMB first developed in the early 1900’s… Either the slide, the tilting barrel or both. Glock, Sig, etc. Even the many blowback pistols use some parts of the JMB designs.

One wonders what he could do today with modern materials and some of our modern manufacturing techniques.

So here’s to the birthday of John Moses Browning.

2 days late.