So Iran vows revenge

And every DNC type is claiming that this is Trump’s fault.

Thing is, like every middle eastern country, the natives are big on threats and rhetoric and short on action.

And, in the end, if we are so worried about terror threats here in the US from middle eastern folks, then maybe we oughta start tossing them out if we are so afraid of threats. (Note that I am not saying we should toss all immigrants, just those that are known to DHS and might be threat, be they citizens or not)

One more thing: Iran has been an opponent of the US for monger than many of my readers have been alive….Ever since the Shah was deposed (and possibly since even before that). Ever since Jimmeh Carter had a cowards approach to the invasion of our embassy there and subsequent embassy prisoner debacle in 1979, they have been an enemy of the US. 

4 thoughts on “So Iran vows revenge

  1. Juat as you say, Iran has been at war with us since 1979.

    Their leaders have never stopped their threats of Death To America all the while.

    We haven't been at war with them and have allowed them to wage war on us both covertly and overtly, with no response other than occasional bursts of appeasement.

    Now Trump is changing that for the better.

  2. Smoking one bad-guy doesn't start WWIII.

    If things go kinetic, it means WWIII has been going on for a while and the fact burned through the MSM smoke screen.

  3. pardon me while I tremble in fear…..there, better now. NEXT!

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