No step on snek

I keep seeing license plates from Virginia  like the top one in this article….(I live in Indiana, so I dunno why these keep appearing near my home)

I wondered if I was mistaken, and if that was the state motto. I wasn’t mistaken….It isn’t. The state motto is “Sic Semper Tyrannis”…death unto tyrants.

Perhaps the incoming (mostly Democrat) state government members might remember that motto.

I expect that if they don’t remember, or choose to ignore it, then things might get all “Rodeo” when they try to keep the promise they made to remove certain “bad” firearms from the people of Virginia

4 thoughts on “No step on snek

  1. those plates have been selling for about 10 years, the last time we had a republican govna. I love seeing them but question the wisdom of alerting the state to your danger and paying them for the privilege. and yes, about to get very…interesting, around here. the dimwits just filed several dozen more bills aimed at making what we just did illegal as well as peaceful demonstration. they think they can legislate the constitution out of existence.

  2. I've actually seen a couple of these on cars in California. Lots of marines in my neck of the woods…

  3. Not an option as far as I know in NC, so I have mine on the front of my pickup.

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