BBBUT I DESERVE a cushy gooberment job!!

Read this article from a career State Department employee unhappy with the act that Donnie Trump has changed things up.

Pretty much this message:

Only Career Diplomats can handle the job. Without them, diplomacy can’t happen.
These people DESERVE the jobs they have. It’s not fair to just fire them.  (He forgets that Barry Obama fired ALL of Bush’s ambassadors shortly after taking office).
It takes a trained Career Diplomat to do the job. (forgetting that nearly every president has appointed people he feels can be relied to speak for the President, often acquaintances or respected figures from business)

The final line in this screed:
“We Deserve Better”.  As if being a diplomat somehow makes one special.
And that, right there, is why we need to clean house.

2 thoughts on “BBBUT I DESERVE a cushy gooberment job!!

  1. And that, in a nutshell, is the typical Diplo… I 'know' better than any president cuz I been doing it longer (and it still doesn't work)… sigh

  2. Based upon how the State Department enabled and protected Hillary Clinton, I would have supported Trump firing most of them.

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