Powerful cartridge

So the defender in the Texas Church shooting, Jack Wilson did a one stop headshot.

What caliber did he use?

.357 Sig.
Not 9mm, not .40, not even .45 ACP.

.357 Sig.
(Pretty much the ballistics of a .357 magnum in an auto style cartridge).
(ok, not exactly, but close…..forget the minutiae here and concentrate)

Mass matters, but velocity matters as well.

The .357 Sig delivers a pretty good combination of both.

Is there a perfect cartridge for defense? Probably not. But the .357 is probably one of the cartridges on the “ideal” category.
Would a 9mm have done the job? Maybe. .40? Likely. .45? Most probably.
Placement matters as well, and by all accounts, his aim was good and his placement was spot on.

What you carry is your choice. I want a cartridge/bullet/firearm combination that helps me to get the job done should I ever need to. (and I hope and pray that I am never in the position he found himself….but that I can do as well if I am). 

2 thoughts on “Powerful cartridge

  1. shot placement is more important than caliber.
    one shot to the head with a .22LR will do a better job of stopping a bad guy than 6 misses from a .45/9mm/40

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