Pearl Harbor Day

“Infamy”, and all that. (if it was “Infamy), may have been simply bureaucratic incompetence in that the Japanese may well have delivered a Declaration of War prior to the attack)

Also incompetence of the Navy leadership (but that is easily seen from the rearview mirror),,,,

Lots of Heroes that day. Many unrecognized.

And a turning point for the Navy, as the Battleships were destroyed or damaged, and the newfangled Carriers (which were not in harbor and therefore not sitting ducks) were undamaged.

But remember those who Served that day as well. They did their job, thinking it was peacetime, even if they were unaware that they were about to go to War.

3 thoughts on “Pearl Harbor Day

  1. Thank you for remembering. Many seem to have forgotten. Too many (younger generation) simply don't know.

  2. Yeah; I guess it's official; no mention of Pearl Harbor Day on the MSM…

    This "Puddle Pirate" (USCG) retiree will continue to salute all you heroes of that day and those that followed; both the living, and those who have crossed the bar…

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