Other people’s money

“Education is a human right”

“Of course, we should give illegal immigrants free tuition”

“No, I’m not willing to donate any money to that cause”

That is pretty much every Democrat’s socialist’s attitude towards the causes that they think someone else should fund.

All those folks who think we should allow “undocumented immigrants” into our country are, of course, not willing to fund, nor house at their own expense, or in their own home, any of those undocumented immigrants.

Nor are they willing to fund someone else’s Health Care.
Nor share their home with someone less fortunate than they are.

Never yet seen a Democrat who was willing to use their personal fortune to do any “Good Works” that they agitate for or “Support”.

Instead, they want Someone Else to pay for it. They don’t mind using someone else’s money.

I am reminded of a young woman who worked for me when I ran a motel. She wanted me to give unused/unsold rooms to the homeless. A noble goal. (of course, these folks had been working the system of government assistance and church donations for several months already, but she didn’t know that..she simply saw them as needy and felt that I should help them….

“Tell you what, Jen…..Instead of one room for one night, how about you split the cost with me….I’ll donate half the cost of the room as long as YOU pay the other half…..that way they can stay for a few days or a week…..”

She, of course, demurred and the “homeless” family moved on and did not stay at the hotel. In fact, since they had used up all the goodwill in the area they moved on to other areas where they could find other compassionate folks.

Odd, that. 

2 thoughts on “Other people’s money

  1. Education is NOT a human right. It is a personal responsibility. It is up to me to pursue the education I think I need to be successful in life, whether that is cooking, sewing, using an axe, surviving in the wilderness, or even the underlying causes of the Zulu Wars. It is not up to the Government to dictate my education.

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