I am amazed

That the Media is admitting that the Pensacola shooter was a Saudi citizen.
(and that he was aided and abetted by other saudis)

I expected silence as to the identities and origins of the shooter and a statement that it is “Not Terrorism Related”. …In other words, SOP.

And, apparently, there were two heroes, men who charged, literally, into the gun. Ryan Blackwell and Charles Hogue.

Question that the Media isn’t asking: Where (and how) did a Saudi citizen, a guest in this country, get a pistol?

One thought on “I am amazed

  1. Obama /holder in the midst of the fast and furious debacle, shortened the time requirement for legal alien purchase of guns, and changed the atf form to note that in i think 2014.funny that….as to the media, the Saudis are public enemy number three behind only trump and Israel due to their support for same. and the fact that the new king is trying to stop some of the corruption there that has enriched u.s. politicians for decades.

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