Won $50 last night

At the range, there was discussion of field stripping semi auto pistols and reassembly. Some folks said it was difficult:

I stated that I could field strip and reassemble a 1911 blindfolded, it was that simple. (and another dude claimed the same thing for him and his Glock)

So bets were made. The contest was on.

I was blindfolded (really) and took my empty (we checked before the blindfold…several times) full size 1911 and field stripped it, laid the parts out, then reassembled it…blindfolded (the only hard part is getting the pin into the barrel link, really). Won 20 from one guy, and ten from three others. (and I think there were some side bets going on, but I’m not sure) Then they bet me I couldn’t do it again. I agreed, but there was no money on the table, so I did it again just to show off.

‘Twasn’t hard, until I went to put the slide stop in….it wasn’t there! Seems that it was in someone’s pocket…..I fumbled and fumbled and then gave up and took of the blindfold…
All laughter and I got my slide stop back.

And I proved a point…if you’ve been cleaning your firearm regularly for long enough, you SHOULD be able to do it blindfolded. (assuming your carry gun isn’t something weird, like a Bergmann, or a Luger or a Broomhandle (ETA: or a Ruger Mk 2 or 3))

Glock Boy was able to do the same….Easier for him as there are fewer parts….But he did it with skill and speed….methinks he’s done it before. He was faster, I think….

It was a fun evening, and I won some ammo money.

And proved a point.