double standards

So why s it that a late season 3 day heat wave is “Climate Change” and an indicator of a pending global climate Armageddon, yet the earlier spring unseasonably cool temperatures (that lasted WEEKS) were “just weather”?

Is there some sliding scale of which I am unaware?

Are there rules to this that bypass the normal scientific logic?


2 thoughts on “double standards

  1. That's the thing; "climate change" can't be quantified. It can be whatever its pushers need it to be. I keep track of the weather where I live. I actually document it. Guess what; no change where I live…

    Oh; is that your "surprised" face?…

  2. Lucky you! Down in the part of Georgia where I live, we just got
    done with the hottest September on record. The first 4 days of
    October will give historic records a run for their money including
    Friday when the temp will threaten the century mark. Not going to
    suggest this is proof of climate change because climate and
    weather are not the same thing, or at least not on the same scale.


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