3 thoughts on ““909” is gone

  1. it truly is sad for the loss of the souls on board. I loved that plane, in fact I flew on it in April of 2018 in San Diego. I saw the Senator talking and I agree it is blood dancing. The Collings Foundation is very professional and they take care of those planes.

  2. "No one knows what happened yet, but already people are telling us how dangerous these old aircraft are…."

    The worst of these offenders was my own US Senator Richard "Da-Nang Dicky" Slimeball (Blumenthal). They say the most dangerous place in the universe is between Da-Nang Dicky and a camera/microphone. Yesterday during a press conference, he basically pushed CT Airport Authority Kevin Dillon out of the way at the podium.


    He all of a sudden just shows up at the 08:25 mark. Watch the rest from then on to see Da-Nang Dicky in full governmental oversight mode. At 11:04 is where he takes over the podium.

    He is a piece of shit that ranks high on my traitors list for a date with a noose.

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