Amber Guyger: US ex-cop who killed neighbour found guilty

Despite the excuses made by Ms Guyger, and despite the treatment of the case by her fellow officers (they pretty much did all they could to whitewash the incident) a jury found her guilty. 
If this had been you or me, we’d likely never have gotten bail. 
Somehow went to the wrong floor, entered an apartment that had a RED doormat (her apartment didn’t) and was furnished and painted differently (she claims she couldn’t tell because it was dark) with the TV on and in a different location in the living room and shot a man who was IN HIS OWN APARTMENT. 
And she claimed it was in “Self Defense”…and thought that she could get away with that. 
I wonder if she will get a reasonable punishment…similar to that you or I would get had we “accidentally” killed a man in his own home?