Pretty much a lie

The whole “Marked the thing up with a sharpie” meme by the Media is pretty much a lie.

Yes, someone drew on a map with a sharpie.

But it was to demonstrate that, at the time of the prediction on the map, that just off the end of the predicted path was….Alabama.

But since the Media says that the “Orange man Bad”—“Orange man stupid”, and since most Democrats and Liberals (But I repeat myself) WANT to believe that, they buy the story without bothering to actually read or investigate the details.

Even those few Liberals that I respect…Ferisntance some bloggers on my sidebar have jumped into this…..and they show that their bias is enough to lead them astray. Pretty much bad judgement caused by TDS, I think.

But how can we trust folks who publish lies? 

2 thoughts on “Pretty much a lie

  1. The next time you run out of airspeed and ideas, rethink the options … maybe too late, eh ?

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