Yay! We are number 15

Seems that Indiana has 14.1 guns per 1000 residents.

Not the most heavily armed state, but (surprisingly) higher than Texas.

Of course, we are undergunned when one compares the number of firearms per resident in Chicago’s West and South sides….. Where guns are highly regulated….

Link found via Wirecutter

Where does YOUR state stand?

4 thoughts on “Yay! We are number 15

  1. "For every 1,000 residents in Alaska, there are 15.2 guns. That's a total of 11,167 registered firearms among 735,132 people."

    Well, I just left Alaska a year ago, but it seems to me, that reading the above quote from that link, that there must have been an awful lot of boating accidents in the ensuing 12 months…

    Further – what in the heck is a "registered" firearm? One could possibly make the argument that there might be 11,167 ~NFA registered~ firearms in Alaska, I suppose.

    Something about that CBS "study" doesn't smell right.

  2. This "study" is based on the NFRTR, or the transfers of NFA items.

    Your state does not have 15.2 guns per 1000 people, it means your state has 15.2 machineguns, silencers, short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, or destructive devices per 1000 people.

    Summary, CBS is stupid and doesn't understand than in free states guns are not registered.

  3. Yep, BS study… And not even close to reality… Hell, I can account for…quite a few more than that just among my neighbors, probably bumping over 200 guns within a block of me. And that's just the ones I've SEEN!

  4. Just for fun, lets look at a couple more numbers.

    From 1986 through 2017 there have been 163,468,014 firearms manufactured in the US, in that same time there have been 72,829,911 imported and 9,253,237 exported. This gives a total number of firearms in the US an increase of 227,044,688 between 1986 and 2018. With a US population of 327.2 million in 2018, with approximately 266 million over the age of 14; This gives US average of 853.4 firearms per 1000 for every person in the USA over age 14 without including anything built before 1986.

    In the varying number of states (currently 34) that run NICS checks (some states have their own internal BGC system, and many state CCW permits don't need a check for each purchase) there have been 320,525,694 checks from November 1998 through July 2019.

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