So every year, we have a hurricane come close to, or make landfall, somewhere in the United States.

And every year, when a hurricane approaches, we see the stores run out of bottled water, batteries, plywood, propane and low/no prep food. And, invariably, we see people bitch about the fact that there “aint nothin’ left”.

Yet how hard is it to have a few pieces of plywood for your windows stashed in the back of your garage or in a shed?
How hard is it to stash a weeks worth of cans of food under your bed or the back of the closet?
How hard is it to stock a few cases of bottled water at the start of the hurricane season?

I mean, panic now, beat the rush….prepare early so you have what you will need, that which will be in short supply if and when. It isn’t like cans of food or plywood or bottled water spoil that easily. You can use it for many years.

Why do these folks always wait until the last minute? 

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  1. Y'know, where I live it's earthquakes that need to be worried about. I can ALMOST see the reason many aren't prepared for them; an earthquake that directly affects them might happen every twenty years. The East Coast has no excuse. Be it hurricane, winter storm, or whatever, there's ALWAYS the need to be ready. In my mind there's ALWAYS the need to be ready no matter WHERE you live. Choosing not to be prepared is… well… stupid…

  2. They always claim "I didn't have the money till just now… As they walk in with the latest cell phone, in their $200 tennis shoes…

  3. Low-probability events need to be correlated to the amount of damage they do (look up RPN number). But people don't consider that.

  4. Why do these folks always wait until the last minute?

    I've been wondering about the same thing for decades. Where I live in SW PA we don't get hurricanes or much really bad weather except for an occasional blizzard or ice storm where the power will be out for a few days. Even so, I have more than enough supplies to last a lot longer than that. I even keep a deep cell marine battery charged up to use with an invertor so that I can watch the local TV stations. All of my five gallon carboys that aren't being used for wine or beer at the time are filled with fresh water. I can't understand why anyone, especially those in severe weather prone areas don't keep at least a minimum store of goods………….

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