Which is it?

You can’t pick and choose here, folks:

Either the Tenth Amendment is valid, or it isn’t.

Pick one or the other.

If y’all get Sanctuary Cities and legal marijuana in your state, in violation of Federal laws, then Alabama gets to ban abortion in their state. Those laws were voted on and passed by the legally elected representatives of the citizens of Alabama.

Since in other states the Tenth is in force, then it is in force with this law too….like it or not. Just because Roe V Wade and abortion is a court ruling that is near and dear to the hearts of Democrats and Liberals doesn’t make it any more special or sacred than any other law.

You can’t Cherry Pick which federal laws are subject to the Tenth and which aren’t. Either the Federal laws trump the States or they don’t.

If Marijuana is legal in Colorado despite Federal Law saying it isn’t….then Roe V Wade can’t be enforced in Alabama either. If Democrat run cities can be Sanctuaries for Illegal Immigrants, then Alabama can ban abortions in that state. 

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

I’m a big Tenth Amendment kid of guy. The Feds have limits on the laws they can have and enforce. While I am not a fan of abortion, I believe that  Roe V Wade should have been passed back to the States and the Supremes should not have ruled upon it or even heard the case.

The Democrats, however, wish to pick and choose where the Tenth is applied. Can’t have that.

Pick one or the other.

3 thoughts on “Which is it?

  1. In New York, abortion is legal because the fetus isn't considered a human being until born alive. On the other hand, if a person shoots and kills a pregnant woman, that person is charged with TWO counts of murder.

    …Which is it, kids?… Like you said, it's gotta be one or the other… unless you're a Lefty. then it can be one and the other… Kinda like their stand on gender…

  2. I am also a fan of the 9th amendment. Actually, the entire bill of rights is near and dear to my heart. But if we could get the last two to stick, it would reinforce the first 8.

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