Not quite what we have been led to believe….

Seems that there is another viewpoint of the way the NRA operates:

According to Colonel West, the vote for officers didn’t go exactly the way that it was portrayed.

Nor is the Board unanimous in it’s support of Wayne LaPierre.

I, for one, will not give the NRA a dime until he is removed….and further, until there is fiscal (and other) reform within the NRA.

I’ve been unhappy with the NRA for a long time….their performance, their finances, and their failures. They may well be the loudest voice that we, as gun owners have, but the board has hijacked the organization…..and the Board has failed the members.

And I voted, but I wonder if they even count them. This is the second year that I had to call the NRA to get my ballot….it wasn’t in my monthly magazine. That, in itself, was a hassle.

2 thoughts on “Not quite what we have been led to believe….

  1. I too have been very unhappy with Wayne the Stain and the NRA. I dropped my membership a few years back and don't intend on rejoining until major changes take place…….

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