Innit odd….

So when Hillary actually DID commit a crime, the Media didn’t spend 1/10th of the time discussing it. Even though the summary of THAT investigation DID say that she had violated the rules in her handling of Confidential and Classified (and higher) documents and information. Had she been anyone else, she’d have been charged and tried and convicted.

The media is, once again, showing their bias. I wonder if they are even self aware enough to realize that their bias is showing. Their disappointment of the results of the Mueller investigation and their dashed hopes that Trump would be found to have done something wrong is plain. But their coverage shows, with no room for doubt, their bias. The DNC folks who are clamoring for the full report….where were they when, at best mishandling of classified documents and, at worst, treason were committed by a presidential candidate?….Why did they not demand the release of the full investigation and supporting documents then?

Why didn’t they have a 1 hour hit piece “special” on Hillary’s misdeeds like they are all having about Trump?

I’m loving the cries that “If only we looked harder or broadened the scope we could find SOMETHING to pin on Trump”. Again, we couldn’t look too hard at Hillary, only at her use of an unsecured server…..not at the Clinton Foundation or any of the other shenanigans like Uranium One…
But they want an investigation into EVERYTHING about Donnie…..

Look, I am all for it, either way…., but lets have ONE standard. Not one for (definitely) sleazy Democrats and another for (maybe, and [probably}) sleazy Conservatives….