I was told there would be Collusion:

We were promised “Collusion” by the DNC folks.
Where is ANY charge of collusion?

All this time and we get NOTHING. Waste of time.

There was enough that they were able to get Mueller appointed so he could do a fishing expedition…with open ended options to investigate pretty much any avenue that would get Trump or his team members in trouble.

How many MILLIONS of dollars spent? Thousands of investigative man hours wasted (but paid for by the US taxpayers) just to inconvenience the Trump administration? All based on dubious evidence from the losing team in a Presidential election…Sour grapes, really,,,,people who could not admit to the world (or themselves) that they lost because of who they were, rather than because someone “cheated”.

At the beginning of this, there was no proof, no evidence, nothing to validate the claims of “collusion”. There was only a claim by the losers….and NOTHING credible to back that childish claim. Mostly innuendo and veiled accusations that had no basis and could not even be validated.  This investigation should never have been funded in the first place, much less gone on for as long as it did.

Since the DNC cried “Wolf!” then perhaps they should be saddled with the bill for the fishing expedition investigation by their chosen attack dog and all his minions.

At least Mueller is honest. I did not expect that from a person hand picked by the DNC.

Remember: The claim of Russian “hacking” the DNC server was based on a claim by the DNC…the server was NEVER forensically examined by any Law Enforcement or by anyone because the DNC would not give it up….So then after that, they floated (and pushed) the “Collusion” story.