’tis difficult

Working on a car that has pretty much ZERO documentation. And there isn’t much available for a 1920’s vintage car.

No exploded drawings….no specifications for clearance.
And no torque specs. How tight do you tighten manifolds? Snug? Tight? Really tight?
Sure as hell no good Chilton’s or Haynes manual. I am looking for a “Motors” manual, but can’t find one for anything pre-’35.

I mean, one can adjust the valves and make it work, at at worst they will be a bit noisy. Best to err on the side of too much clearance than too little. Easy choice to make.

Belts are pretty standard on tightness. Same on carb bolts.
But manifolds? Head bolts? Not much tolerance there.

And it ain’t like on can easily get those parts if they break….
 And I have had enough drilling and tapping old, hard, broken bolts and studs for a while.