‘Tis interesting

As the “Partial Government Shutdown” continues apace, lots and lots of agencies are ordering front line folks to resume their duties…paid or not.

Is it because the leaders of these departments are afraid that no one would notice that their departments have not been doing anything after 25 or more days??; Afraid of what will happen if the “shutdown” were to stretch for 30 or 60 or even 90 days and their department hadn’t been doing anything for all that time…..and people might find out that they don’t need all those FDA people…or ATF, or FBI, or any of the other three and four letter agencies? That, with the exception (for the farmers) of people handing out USDA subsidies and grants or (for the indigent) SNAP benefits, no one else really needed or wanted their services? Same same the folks working at Wildlife Refugees…some parks….And, of course the IRS…

I am thinking that they are afraid of that…afraid  that people will notice how little their work affects the country as a whole…….very, very afraid.

To most US Citizens, the closure of the Parks and Museums are of more import than the closure/shutdown of the USDA or the ATF or IRS.

So, we see lots of agencies and lots of personnel returning to work…even though they are not “essential’.