Next up: Free money for anyone laid off,

Private Sector or Government…..

Democrats introduced legislation Wednesday meant to ensure that workers for federal contractors are given some back pay when the partial shutdown ends

How about businesses affected by the shutdown? Gonna give THOSE folks some sort of compensation?? The Coffee shop worker who doesn’t get tips ’cause all those free spending Federal employees aren’t buying their Latte with extra foam? The McDonalds that the commuters stop at on the way to work in the morning that doesn’t need 10 people, and only now has 8? The diner that has only 4 waitresses instead of 5 because 20% of their business is Federal workers going to lunch? Gonna compensate them as well?

Gonna compensate THEIR suppliers because of the loss of business too?

At what point will the Democrats stop giving other people’s money away “Because Fairness”??