“A right, not a privilege”

“Health Care”, that is.

So says New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Of course, it is a nice slogan, but she fails to define what she means by “Health Care”. But it is a nice ideal.

And, I will buy that…when every citizen pays at least a minimum tax to support it. No exceptions, no exemptions, no breaks. Contribute to Society in order to reap the benefits….Not be a parasite.

All for it. If she can show how she is gonna pay for it. No new taxes. Is she gonna cut Welfare? SNAP? What “entitlements” is she gonna cut?

Otherwise, she is spending “Other People’s Money”….And the Liberals already do enough of that. The lot of them are pretty much all using the phrase “Fair Share” when discussing taxes.

I guess since socialists are getting elected in some larger cities (and pretty much all of California) she thinks this message will get her enough attention that she can have a chance.

We shall see.

On another note, she claims to have more knowledge and more compassion “because she is a single Mom”. ‘Twould seem to me that is shows she has bad judgement about whom to mate with and conceive a child with…..There was once a time, not so long ago, where being a “Single Mom” was a mark of shame, not pride.

ETA: Apparently she is MOM, not a Single MOM. My bad. I owe the Senator an apology.

One thought on ““A right, not a privilege”

  1. May be she got divorced recently? She had been married in the past…when she ran for her seat in the House, there were posters up everywhere showing her and her husband.

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