So we are now getting stories about how “Federal Workers” are not only not spending money eating out and buying things (smart) affecting local businesses whose customer base is largely from that demographic, but in addition, how these same employees are having to pawn collectibles and recreational toys just to make ends meet…….Note that their paycheck didn’t come LAST FRIDAY….
So 2 working days into the missed paychecks and these folks have to begin pawning stuff? Really?

And now comes the cry…”is the Wall worth the havoc the Shutdown is causing”?

I would ask the same thing pointed the other way…..”is refusing to fund the Wall (pretty much a rounding error when it comes to Federal Government expenses) worth the damage the DNC is doing to the country?”

One thought on “Propaganda

  1. Yeah; I had to school a hopeless Liberal in the family on the same issue. It doesn't sink in though. It's like talking to… a wall…

    Moral of the story; if you can't cover a month without pay, YOU'RE SPENDING TOO MUCH!!!

    God help us if the shit REALLY hits the fan…

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