Then why are they assured a paycheck?

Seems that the NTSB is hurtin for people to investigate incidents with “Planes, trains, and automobiles”.…all their people were deemed “non essential” by the NTSB management…So they were all Furloughed….

Except that, today, someone has realized that there are no investigations of incidents taking place….no one is investigating plane crashes, train derailments, semi crashes, etc…..except the local authorities…..So there is a backlog of incidents that the NTSB has not been able to write a report on. (Realize that even if the NTSB were writing reports on incidents,…if things were “normal”…. the reports are published about a year after the incident occurs).

The media is trying to show, somehow, that the public (that is you and me) is in some sort of danger because of this….

Either way, these folks will be paid for not working in a few weeks when one side or the other caves.

Which is, I think, the real injustice here. (Not that I want them to go hungry mind you)….I just want to get some value from the monies we are (or will be) paying for their salaries.

Make no mistake, I want these people paid…but I want ’em working as well…if the budget is worked out such that the NTSB or any agency is cut by 10 or 20%, then address that fundingand cut people when.if it happens….in the meantime, if they are gonna get paid, let ’em work.
And if their tasks are such that we don’t need them for a month or two, do we really need ’em at all???