But….I thought it wuz the CO2????

I mean, it is MANKIND producing all the CO2 that is destroying the environment…..at least that is what they have been telling us for over 30 years….Billions of dollars have been spent by governments enriching connected people reducing “greenhouse gas” emissions…specifically CO2. Billions of goverment dollars, both in the US and Europe…..(It may well destroy the economies of some European countries….and make ’em more dependent on Russia for “cleaner” natural gas….and lead to brownouts when Wind and Solar can’t meet the load)

But yet:
According to this guardian article  it is, instead, the fact that we “eat too much meat” because cow farts (methane) “creates as much greenhouse gas emissions as all the world’s cars, trucks and airplanes”. (people who know (which means anyone with a chemistry or basic engineering background, or who bothers to find out) realize that methane is about 30 times more effective a greenhouse gas than CO2..that fact, however, is conveniently dismissed by most “climate scientists”).

So…be a vegetarian.

Do it for the Glaciers. For Mother Gaia. Because the “experts” tell you. They know what is best (and, the “science is settled”)…

Tell me how that works for you….

Me: Nah, I’ll be thinking of you as I grill a nice, juicy farm raised steak this evening. Yeah, I might have a vegetable to go with it…grilled onions and mushrooms. Mebbe a potato with some butter and cheese, since dairy cows also produce methane.

One thought on “But….I thought it wuz the CO2????

  1. California's "governor" Brown recently signed into law legislation that will require dairy farmers to …somehow… contain the methane being emitted by their cows. This is, of course, impossible. Instead, California will do what California is best at; imposing a penalty FEE; a smog charge; on the farmer for every cow he owns. As you said; it's not about the environment… It's about the money…

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