It is interesting:

When Barry and the Democrats shut down the government, the Republicans were blamed…for standing fast, and refusing to negotiate…Because they would not capitulate to the wishes of the (then) President.

This time, the narrative is, of course (according to the Media), the shutdown is the fault of the (current) President to capitulate to the Congress…to the Democrats…..and for refusing to back down when THEY refuse to negotiate (“There Will Be No Wall”).

Interesting double standard, innit?

And I note that they are pushing this pretty hard in the Propaganda News, so it must not be flying with the public polls. 

4 thoughts on “It is interesting:

  1. It's also interesting; the unanimous wail of the MSM that the Coast guard is not getting paid. So let's get this straight; the left wants the government to re-open so the Coast Guard can maintain border security at sea, but not until there's no border security on land…

  2. Shut the whole damn mess down… THEN the citizens on the Texas border will take care of the problem…

  3. Imagine my surprise to learn that yesterday was the first missed paychecks for furloughed workers. Based on news stories I thought they have been eating dog food and facing foreclosure for weeks now.

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