I’m opposed

To the concept of declaring a national Emergency and using an Executive Order to find funding for the wall.

While I DO think we need a physical barrier in place on our southern border, I want it paid for in a straightforward manner and not by Decree…..In other words, I am opposed to using an Executive Order.

This is not what Executive Orders are for. Yes, lots of Presidents have abused them in the past. Stop doing so today and in the future.

I think one could make the case for Impeachment should Donnie (mis)use an Executive Order for such a purpose. Having said that, we should have impeached many past president for the same sort of Misuse….and I don;’t just mean Barry the O either. 

2 thoughts on “I’m opposed

  1. Mr. B. I agree in principle but so long as the Democrats will continue to use it as a tool for their agenda the Republicans need to use it as well otherwise there is no incentive for them to stop. The Republicans need to use the same tool until both parties agree to stop using it, otherwise we get played for suckers every time.

  2. How many years (decades) have we been talking about a wall? How much money has been put aside and stolen for other purposes all this time? How many times have our politicians on both sides of the aisle voted to fund a wall? Remember when Reagan was promised a wall in exchange for amnesty? So, finally, a president who has put his foot down and is using whatever is necessary to get the job done even as the two faced Dems whine and complain. Finally!! If it takes an executive order, then so be it. Congress cannot seem to get its job done. I am sick of it.

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